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Internet Puzzle - First Page of Google Melbourne SEO

Internet Puzzle specialises in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Internet Marketing (IM) and Website Marketing (WM) strategies and solutions for businesses looking to gain new business opportunities through Google, Yahoo, MSN (BING) and others.

Based in Melbourne and with over 11 years experience in this environment and at the forefront this new media we have delivered outstanding results for our clients. Our success is our team who have a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds in advertising, online marketing, copy writing, publishing, directories, hot spot traffic & website design solutions.

Internet Puzzle are first page experts. With our specialist understanding of search engine algorithms, we help businesses connect with more customers through the web.

Today over 1 billion people access the Internet and this will grow to 2 billion in 10 years, In Australia there are over 8 million searches on Google every day. Savvy business people are looking at traditional marketing and re assessing what they spend on it. They still need traditional marketing however the mix needs to change and Internet marketing is the future.

With searches for products, services and information into the millions in Australia alone, it is no surprise that the purchasing age of the Internet buyer varies from children through to senior citizens. Whether they are Baby boomers, X or Y generation people ALL are here shopping, banking, looking on Google, Ebay, blogs, Myspace, YouTube, RSS and who knows what next.

Last year Google performed some 300 Algorithm changes so it is critical that the right ethical methodology is performed to your website as "pushing the boundary" on SEO and Google do not mix. White hat thinking (not stuffing text and automating linking etc) is the correct way to optimise your website rather than black hat thinking ( robot mass emailing, copy text from other websites and stuffing of content etc).

Online Marketing is one giant Internet Puzzle! We are here to guide you to first page landing and show you the openings for your business needs.