93% of people on Google and other search engines stay on the first page.

How to get on the front page of Google?

If you are not in front of your potential customers search, how can they find you? The answer is ... They can’t find you!

At Internet Puzzle, a complete review of where you are with your Web page or website is carried out.

We then identify the amount of searches for your service / product on search engines. We discuss your needs then propose to fix the issues. Finally we monitor the changes agreed to and watch the Return on Investment come through. All this is done in a language you understand and not filled with technical jargon.

Our customers have indicated that we are well priced and that they receive R.O.I. (Return on Investment). As well as an insight to an area they want to be involved in now and in the future but find it hard to understand ... Internet Puzzle does that for you.

Let us help you solve the Internet Puzzle