If you're not on the first page of Google, potential customers won't find you.

Organic Google Listings page one

Organic Google Listings on page one (what they are, how it works)


Organic listings are the free listings that appear on search engines under various headings they tend to be favoured more by browsers and are set, usually by default, as 10 to a page for viewing. Google is the market leader in Australia as preferred search engine and are around 90% of the market with Yahoo, MSN and Sensis in the other 10% with a few smaller ones. When people use a search engines statistics show 93% stay on the first page of that search but if the search doesn’t return a positive find, people tend to do another search rather than turn pages.

Many websites are poor and not constructed the way search engines like so their exposure is minimal, the answer is to have a correctly built website in search engine language and make all the other important structures that search engines are looking for and you will have many listings in key areas that your customers search on.