Implementation of the correct statistical tools can help maximise traffic to your website.

Statistical Reports

Statistical Reports (3 different types of Reporting stats Google Analytic Smarter Stats, Webmaster Tools)

When all the work has been done and the web site is live, you start to get enquiries and you’re happy? This may be so but let’s take it a step further. If during the time of your website going live on the web you also have some cleaver tools to track your traffic flow then you can alter your site to maximise your traffic flow. Google is like a large librarian and you have to ask her for the book you are looking for, if she doesn’t know anything about your book or very little, how can she find it? By inserting the correct coding and tracking programs onto you web site you can see what people are or are not looking for, you can then adjust your website to be found where the enquiry is searching. Search engines want this to happen because search engines want you to find relevant things that you are looking for, you then use them again and again because it works. We use up to 3 different tracking tools on our websites which are fully reportable to you monthly.

statistical reports