If your opposition is ranking higher than you, then your website may need a little help.

Optimisation of your Website

Is your site dead?

One of the easiest ways to identify if your website is being found in search engines is to search for 6 “search phrases” that customers would use to find your services, products or brands. If you don't appear on the first page on these searches and your opposition does then your website may need help. Then, if you put your business name into “Google™”, you should be in number one spot as no one else should have your name (but it’s still wise to check).

Example: Go to Google™ and follow these examples.

If you are “ABC Company” and you sell “click click”, “ tap tap” and “whoosh whoosh” do a search for those 3 things but then also for “tap tap sales”, “tap tap Melbourne”, tap tap products”, “tap tap accessories”, “ tap tap repairs” etc. How you come up determines if your site is being found by the search engines. If you do come up all is great, however if you don’t come up and your opposition does, then a comprehensive look at your site needs to take place.

My site is dead, where to from here?

This is not a simple answer as there are as many web site styles and structures as there are different car models. Most website are fine as a structure but lack the ingredients of what is required to start being found on search engines ( I say start being found as there is more to search engines finding you than having a correctly constructed web site) but a good site is a great start. If your web site is poor in design and functions then a new web site is needed but the old one may serve a purpose so we would have to check it out to determine how to proceed.

higher profits

All the traffic that is generated by an Internet campaign is fully measurable and is reported to you monthly. These results are monitored and tweaked to constantly achieve a better result.

Evolve and leapfrog your competition

  • 1. Drive the right traffic to your website
  • 2. Measure & analyse website activity
  • 3. Test changes & implement improvements
  • 4. Repeat #1 – 3 until conversion rate is high

The internet is here to stay and slowly more and more business will discover a need to be found in their key areas of business on search engines. The customers are now using the internet more and more to do their research and buying, chances are so are you.

We understand that changes will always be a feature in the world of search engines.

Several years of experience have gone into constantly monitoring what gets results and what does not. Our aim is to get your website listed where you want it to be, so that you get the visitors that you need. As you are aware, it is all very well having a website with bells and whistles, but if you do not have the visitors, you have nothing. We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure that our performance is exactly what they expect.

Every month we send our clients a tracking report, which shows the position of their selected keyword search terms in the top search engines in Australia. We can tailor these reports to show comparisons from one date to another and even show a graphical display of the improved rankings since the search engine optimisation process was implemented.

Other optimising companies have my opposition already signed up with them, I need a company to get my website working but I don’t want my opposition to know my marketing plans?

At Internet puzzle we have a policy of “no competition”, which means we only have one company per service or product type in our customer base. If there is a conflict because of product or territory we will not accept the contract to proceed. This way we stay loyal to our customer and work for them against the rest of the market. Our customers like that.